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A Guide to Choosing a Recruitment Agency

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With so many recruitment agencies out there to choose from  – 39,232 currently registered in the UK, to be specific – choosing the best one to represent your company or to help you in your job search can be difficult.

It should go without saying that choosing the wrong one can lead to regrets down the road. Finding the right recruitment agency will not only help to save you time and money as a client, but it also gives you access to a broader selection of job opportunities as a candidate.

Here are some of the top tips on choosing the best recruitment agency:

  1. Do your research

Among the most important things you need to look at is whether the company has long-serving employees or the team is regularly changing. The problem with working with an agency that has a high turnover of staff is that it is usually impossible to form any meaningful or lasting relationship, especially when you have to talk to a different consultant every time. We are proud of our dedicated and stable staff. Our longest-serving team member has been with us for 25 years! We only add new staff to accommodate our growth as a company. One thing is that once they join, they rarely leave.

  1. Contact the agencies

Assess things like how quickly they answer phone calls, if they are friendly and helpful, and if they give you a call back if you request one.

  1. Assess their market expertise

Test their knowledge of the market by requesting a salary survey, asking them about how busy the market is and the turnaround on CV to interview recruitment experts to Solution Driven. Find out about your options and the type of recruitment they do. At YourRecruit, we focus on recruitments in three industry sectors including IT, Commercial, and Early Years.

  1. Ask about rates: for clients

Never choose a recruitment agency without first understanding their Terms of Business. Try to work out a rate that works for you long term. While recruitment companies have to make money at the end of the day, there is always room for negotiation. It is, thus, crucial to have this discussion prior to submitting job mandates. This way, every party knows where they stand and you’ll have a better chance of building a harmonious business relationship.

  1. Arrange for a physical visit

Establishing a relationship with the agency as a candidate or client is imperative to realizing the desired results. There needs to be a two-way communication channel in which expectations are discussed openly and honestly. Currently, we are conducting client visits over Zoom. We also meet our candidates this way. Using this approach has not proven to be any less effective, and as a matter of fact, clients are stating that it has helped save them a lot of valuable time.


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