If you have decided to get in front of the camera or if you need an online video editor to use on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, you need the best professional tools. Here you will see which video editor to use.

In this article, you will learn the best free online video editors for Mac or Windows.

You will also be able to read tools to record your computer screen, programs to edit professional online videos and create fun animations with music, or use platforms to compress and convert videos to other formats.

The online video editors that I have listed for you are the best, and they are the ones you will need to create a professional, personalized, and quality video from scratch. The best thing is that many of them are free for both your PC with no watermark.

Best free video editing software

Choosing a free editor does not mean that it is a bad option or that the tool is going to be basic. Choose the program that best suits your needs; it may be more than enough for your project and is easy and free.

Choose a recommended free video editor for MAC and/or Windows (easy to use for pc).


Let’s start with the most basic. This default video editor is ideal for beginners. With it, you will be able to create your audiovisual presentations in a simple way.

For basic use, it works great if you don’t need anything else, and you will have a great free and fast video editor for windows 10 or earlier versions.


*Compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac

*You will be able to make recordings from a webcam and edit and edit videos or photos.

*Use effects, transitions, and animations.

*Video and sound editing with speed up or slow down options.

*Options to import videos or photos.

*Use of subtitles.

*Easy social sharing options.

*It’s free, download it to your PC, and that’s it.


HitPaw Toolkit is a software that combines the most used and common functions to edit videos. It is a good choice for beginners.

Unlike the complicated interface of other software, HitPaw Toolkit stands out as simple and fast. With just a few clicks, you can acquire the effect you want.

Apart from videos, you can also use it to edit photos such as crop, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, add text, etc.


*You can crop, rotate, join videos, add text, and music to video, change speed and video resolution, adjust video brightness, contrast, and saturation, and create Stop-Motion videos.

*You can create GIFs with videos, edit photos, and create memes with templates.

*It supports more than 10 languages, available for Windows and Mac.

* It provides detailed guidance for users


This video tool is installed by default on a MAC. If this is not the case, you can download it from the App Store for free.

You can also use the iPhone or iPad for projects and combine them with the Mac and edit or record from various devices in 4K resolution.

This is a film editor.


*Add animated titles, music, and effects.

*Variety of filters.

*Trailer creation.

*Color correction.

*Green screen.

*Animated maps.


Digiarty’s VideoProc is an ideal software for beginners. It is a pay-only software, but the price is affordable compared to many competitors.

What makes it free is that you can try it before you buy with a full-featured 7-day free trial.

What makes Video Proc so great is that it is not a standalone editor; the software allows you to convert, record, and download videos.

Although it has multiple features in one software, VideoProc doesn’t skimp on editing features.


You can cut, crop, merge multiple files (in different formats and from different devices), rotate,  and add subtitles and effects. Full GPU hardware acceleration provides a smooth and fast editing experience.

You can use VideoProc for virtually any video, including those shot with iPhone, Android, GoPro, DJI, or any 4K DSLR or mirrorless camera.

It supports more than 70 formats and can even use 8K resolution videos ( most programs support up to 4K).

Special features like de shake and denoise are great for GoPro footage in particular.

With preset export options, you can easily share your finished product on sites like YouTube and Facebook.

VideoProc is very simple to get started with, although it has many options for more advanced users.

The support section of the website provides comprehensive tutorials, but you can always contact support via email if you need additional help.


*Very easy to use video editing software.

*Excellent value for money Includes downloader, recorder, and converter.

*Easy sharing


FlexClip is a software that represents a good option for video editors, from beginners to advanced.

The main difference is the software’s simplicity in the video creation process. With a few clicks and a short time, it is possible to create incredible videos from the templates that are included in the tool.

The software is 100% online. That is, you do not need to download programs for your desktop.

Another very interesting point is the presence of the multimedia bank, which has millions of audios, music, and videos that can be used. And it is also a good option for creating quality YouTube intros, valuing the construction of short videos.

*100% online.

*Easy to use.

* Premade templates

*Available for Windows, Mac

Best Online Video Editors to Record Screen

Recording the screen of the PC or mobile is a widely used and increasingly common task in the work environment.

As simple as clicking and being able to record and show what you are doing on your screen to that person you want through a simple link or file that you can then edit.


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