Nicolas Cage died after snowboard accident in Switzerland

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There is a false rumour circulating on the web that Nicolas Cage passed away in a motorcycle accident. Before, reading it, stay calm. It’s just a rumour. According to some sources on World Wide Web,

Hollywood icon Nicolas Cage died after a snowboard collision in Zermatt Switzerland earlier today. Cage who is a novice snowboarder apparently lost control of his board and hit a tree at a tremendous speed reports Global Associated News.

Actor Nicolas Cage dead after snowboard accident in Switzerland

Nicolas Cage was apparently vacationing at the Zermatt ski resort with family and friends when the horrific accident occurred. The actor was airlifted to the nearest hospital but apparently died on impact.

According to GAN’s sources, Nicolas Cage was wearing the appropriate safety gear and wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the time of the accident.

This story is currently developing so no additional details are available at this time. As for the Zermatt Ski Resort, it is one of the world’s top ski resorts and is a car-free environment hence the helicopter life for the Cage.

Nicolas Cage has been known for his dramatic facial expressions and memorable characters. His last few movies included Ghost Rider 2 and National Treasure.

Update 1:

The story appears to be still developing as other than Global Associated News, there aren’t any other media outlets that have reported on this. We will update this story when more information becomes available.

Update 2:

This is actually the rumor that webmasters created. As Nicolas became victim of internet death hoax, we published it as some of the major sites published the news, so that, you will get the right news here.


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    • Editorial Team Reply

      Sure we are working on it. Thanks for your feedback, Please keep reading our article.

  2. Glad to hear that he is still alive ,one of my favorite actor i Hollywood.

  3. mankey1231 Reply

    Why do people or media want to kill famous loved celebrities,,, can they sue them?

  4. Sabina _Abella Reply

    Your my best actor ever I don’t want you to leave this world …..I CNT control my tears when i see the news I’m shock ..

  5. I like’him so much, also my family
    i don’t want him reach to dealth.
    if this news is wrong, i am so glad for him.

    • Rogger Shaw Reply

      It’s a rumour. Read the complete article. Thanks

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