Feature points app hack – A detailed manual

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As most of you technocrats out there must have used the featured points application at some point of time, you might be aware of the technical know-how associated with it. With feature points, one can earn points, which substitute money, which you can then use to download paid apps.

That’s the underlying idea behind the feature points application. Feature points are awarded to you with which you can later redeem gift cards and rewards from service providers like iTunes, Amazon, or PayPal, and a lot more.

This time in tenocation, we give you deeper insights about the feature points app hack by enlightening you with the underpinnings behind doing the same. Firstly, this app hack is totally free. The technology behind this hack connects to the servers hosting the feature points application directly.

This cheat allows the user, more specifically you to add an unlimited number of points in the form of feature points to your phone account. This is achieved by means of connections of this app hack with various database service accounts. These connections convert them individually segregated bits and replace your point value on the featured app.

Additionally, this app hack implements the use of proxy, by means of which you ensure that you don’t get banned because you just hide under the cloak and become untraceable!. This feature points app hack is compatible with versions of Windows specifically 7 and 8 as well as with MAC. Download it here –>

The feature points file contains a setup(.exe) file, a database dll file, an auto-update setup file, a config file, and a licensed dll file. The features offered by the feature point app hack are many:-

  • iTunes gift cards
  • Amazon gift cards
  • PayPal cash out
  • It is undetectable which is an advantage in itself.
  • Using a proxy ensures that you don’t get banned.
  • Finally, it gives you the opportunity to avail downloading of free paid apps!

In order to install this hack and make it run successfully, you must follow the necessary steps: –

  1. Firstly, run the Hack.exe setup file and then enter your email and click the button.
  2. Enter the number of points you intend to make.
  3. Select the anti-ban settings in the feature points app hack.
  4. Click the back button.
  5. Avail of your free points.


This was all from the feature points app hack column as of now. We hope this post assisted you. Happy hacking!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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