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How can I stop a mobile phone operator from sending me unsolicited messages?

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Are you tired of unsolicited messages sent by your sim operator to make unnecessary offers/promotions, If “Yes”  then here is the solution, we all are facing the same issue, other night I just woke up to promotional SMS and I felt disturbed, depressed and unethical, I decided to call a sim operator and asked him to not send any promotional/operator “SMS”, his reply was, these messages are automated, we cannot do anything about it, however, I knew that he is not telling the truth, and I asked him to let me talk to his supervisor, when I talk to the supervisor, he guided me in a right way by showing two possibilities.

  1. Contact your telecom provider and ask to be placed in the “do not disturb” category to avoid receiving unwanted calls or texts. 
  • Try to block such calls whenever you get them to prevent the spam caller from getting your number again. Even if it’s an automated call, if you block them altogether, you’ll observe a 1/5 reduction in the frequency of these calls. The screenshot for blocking on Android is shown below.

If these codes do not work for your telecom provider, you can get in touch with the helpline or if your telecom provider doesn’t help you in any way, then your last stop will be to file a lawsuit for damages, In 2017, a person name Michael haring from Texas filed a lawsuit on the same matter and awarded $77057/- in term of compensation, The court verdict that the plaintiff is going through depression due to unconventional messages sending by the company therefore, the company requires to pay penalty in consideration.

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