How good of a host does the BlueHost web service make?

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Companies such as the BlueHost, HostGator and GoDaddy constitute the category of the supreme as well as the most elite web hosting services out there which have garnered wide support during the recent times in the tech domain.

This time at tenocation, we would be covering the BlueHost web service and all the fizz and fuzz surrounding this particular web hosting service!. A customer expects a great deal of integrity from the web hosting service he or she is willing to invest in. A web hosting service must, in all  terms, live up to the expectations of the customer.

A customer who intends to initiate a small-time venture must be looking for a web hosting  service with great statistics of response times associated with. Reliability would also be an important consideration for that customer. On the other hand, a customer with a demand to set  up a big-time venture for a long time would lay more stress upon a whole others set of requirements specifically, the uptime provided by the web hosting service, the reliability of the customer support it carries on it’s back and many more. We would be studying each of these details, milestone by milestone.

How impressive is the performance?

Strongly speaking in terms of up-time, uptime is the major deterministic factor which speaks a great deal about the performance of the web hosting service.

In the context of BlueHost, it’s only fair to say that a customer can experience momentary deflections in the uptime provided by the web hosting service or worse, constant downtime. It can be clearly seen that through the above report that the uptime of the website hosted on BlueHost isn’t quite appealing to your average-user.

On the upside, services at BlueHost employ CPU segregation technology which manipulates the CPU to a large extent and responsibly secures the website.

Thus, when it comes to performance, it is something which literally ‘fluctuates’ for BlueHost.

How well does it respond?

Well, one it comes to analyzing the response times, the BlueHost isn’t no front-runner even here.


Websites which have been hosted on BlueHost take approximately an average of over 5 seconds to load which is not at all impressive from the point of view of how irritated the user can get depending upon the circumstances.

How speedy is it?

For a test conducted on two web hosting platforms, namely BlueHost and HostGator for a site hosted on each of these two, it can be clearly seen that the when hosted on BlueHost, the website took over 3 seconds to load where as when hosted on its counterpart, HostGator, the loading was impressively quick at just 1.5 seconds.  


p style=”text-align: center”>BlueHost-Speed-Test

Thus, the BlueHost web hosting platform suffers a strong setback in the speed-domain too.

How supportive they are?

When it comes to providing an uninterrupted and a 24×7 customer support, hardly is there a chance for any web hosting service to compromise in this domain. A compromise or a neglect in ensuring the delivery of dedicated customer support services can render a terrible experience for the web hosting service.

The BlueHost web hosting service flashes its customer support service with the highly impressive live chat, email support as well as phone support features.

Thus, it can be seen that the BlueHost web hosting service isn’t technically as much sound as the other web hosting services.However, for small-time gigs, this is an apt hosting service. But if you are planning on launching your website venture for a long-term on BlueHost then you seriously need to reconsider.

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