WP Engine – All technicalities reviewed

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The WP Engine is a dedicated hosted service provider. It is specifically integrated with word press websites and applications. The WP engine is a dedicated and a well managed Word Press host on the web which offers a lot of basic services to the user. As internet-geeks, most of you out there must be aware of the technical importance which the Word Press offers behind running thousands of websites all across the globe.  WP engine is one such web service provider which primarily focuses on hosting the word press, one of the most popular website developing means as of now.


We would be having a look at the specific functionalities of the WP Engine in a great detail in the upcoming sections.

To begin with, the WP Engine pretty much offers very decent and impressive features such as unlimited data transfers, malware scanning as well as the auto plug-in updates. But this isn’t simply enough to entrust a hosted service provider

Issues with price

The primary reason as to why one might reject the WP Engine would be its cost which is truly sky high. There are four plans presented by the WP Engine to be specific with the most basic one standing at a pricey 29 dollar per month.

Should we even mention the other three?

Anyway, here they are :-


What’s more preposterous is the fact that this very basic plan offers or rather supports just one word press installation and offers just a scarce 10 GB of storage.

The only service which is a little bit relaxing is the fact that the above mentioned plans arrive with unlimited data transfers monthly, at more than 50 GB of data. The money back guarantee offered by WP Engine is also very generous.

The environment 

The WP Engine is developed specifically for Word press so the installations and the plug ins come pre-installed. That’s  a definite plus because it spares you a lot of time. The WP Engine environment has very less compatibility issues. Actually, it’s compatible with a variety of add-ons and plug-ins.


Some plug-ins aren’t supported by the company as they cast some negative effects on the performance of the engine.

The very basic fault with the WP environment is that it does not sell your domains, nor does it come with email accounts. For ensuring this, a third party is needed.

Security measures

Security features exhibited by the WP engines are very tight and deployed with extreme cautiousness. Data integrity is really laid stress upon when it comes to studying the aspects of WP Engine.

Levels of malware scanning and a firewall ensure that your website remains secure against all attacks or threats. The good guys at WP Engine also claim that if your site gets hacked, they would repair it free of cost.

Customer Care

Finally, detailing the aspects of customer care at the WP Engine,  a user experiences almost negligible to no delay at times you when you make a contact with the customer service there.


This speaks volume about the dedicated nature of the customer service department there which is always ready to serve their customers 24×7 via. email and ticketing support too.

Finally, one can grab hold of the conclusion that the WP Engine is pretty much a decent hosting platform supporting the word press’s functionality but at the same time, one can argue against it on the underpinnings of prices, lack of unlimited accesses and data caps.



p style=”text-align: center”>We  have covered every technicality associated with the WP Engine. We hope we helped you.

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